Best Rugby Tour Destinations For 2019

Posted on October 26, 2018

We look at some of the best rugby tour destinations for schools and clubs looking for world class rugby, high level coaching, top venues, welcoming hosts and exciting excursions.

If you are looking to book a rugby tour for 2019 or 2020, then these are five of the best countries to visit which offer the perfect blend of competitive sport, fun excursions and cultural activities.

1. South Africa

Taking the number one spot of our best rugby tour destinations for 2019 is South Africa. South Africa ticks all of the boxes, when looking for the complete tour package. Not only is it one of the top rugby playing nations in the world with an abundance of schools and clubs competing at a high level, it is also offers touring sides the chance to experience incredible activities and life changing moments such as seeing wild rhinos, lions and cheetahs, visiting tribal villages, learning about the history of the apartheid and coaching rugby to children in townships.

2. Argentina

Another passionate country who love their rugby, the ‘Pumas’ are fierce warriors on the pitch but after the final whistle has blown, are extremely friendly people. With stunning waterfalls, mountains and glaciers, it also has so much to offer when looking at excursion options. Discover true Latin spirit by feasting on some of the finest steaks in the world, visit gaucho ranches and learn how to dance Salsa as the locals do. A rugby tour to Argentina will certainly be the trip of a lifetime and is definitely one of the best destinations for a long haul rugby tour.

3. Australia

A rugby tour down under is the ultimate touring experience. As one of the top rugby playing nations in the world, Australian teams are always strong and will play a completely different style of rugby that teams can admire and learn from. Of course, no trip to Australia would be complete without visiting one of its outstanding beaches and learning how to Surf. Diving in the Great Barrier Reef, climbing Sydney Harbour Bridge and visiting the stunning Blue Mountains are all incredible excursion options that will live long in the memory.

4. Italy

The perfect European rugby tour destination, Italy offers fast physical and competitive matches, beautiful scenery and incredible food. Many teams choose to visit the north of Italy, giving teams the chance to visit the stunning Lake Garda and train at fantastic facilities. Italy is an extremely popular destination for rugby groups due to great weather and the tremendous passion for the sport that Italians have. Excitement, entertainment and energy are three words to describe Italy and it will continue to be a top rugby tour destination for many years to come.

5. Canada

A rugby tour to the second largest country in the world, with its incredible scenery, gives teams the chance to experience the great outdoors. Rugby is growing year on year in Canada and you will be able to play high-level rugby against a wide range of top schools and clubs. With stunning natural attractions like the Niagara Falls and Rocky Mountains, there is no shortage of choice when it comes to entertainment options. Teams can enjoy different sports by watching a baseball game or ice hockey match. Whether you choose the east coast or west of Canada, you will never forget your time spent in this magnificent rugby tour destination.