The Importance Of Educational Tours In 2019

Posted on April 03, 2019

An educational tour is an extended field trip whereby students have the opportunity to learn from a specific site or location, usually away from their home city or country. It provides a unique, hands-on opportunity to explore a subject in the curriculum in line with their learning objectives, as well as provide a fun and stimulating environment in which to do so, away from the stuffy classroom. There are various methods through which teachers educate their students, and educational tours are one of them. They help to pass knowledge on in a practical way, giving students special memories to carry with them for the rest of their lives.

Let’s take a look at some of the key benefits of educational tours, and the reasons they make a great choice in 2019.

1. Effective Learning

There is greater responsibility in schools on catering to the many ways in which different students learn. Since educational tours take learning outside of the classroom and into the real world, those who have struggled with imbibing information in a traditional ‘taught’ environment will flourish seeing and interacting with historic and geographical environments in person. However, all students should benefit from educational tours, with real-life experiences cementing what they have learned on the trip.

2. Personal Development

Outside of school hours, many students spend their free time in front of a screen. But because educational tours force students into new environments, they allow them to spend more time interacting with one another and the wider world. As a result, students learn new skills of independence and confidence as well as communication and language, especially when on a languages tour to a non-English-speaking country. This compels them to learn new vocabulary and seek ways to communicate across boundaries, as well an understanding of other cultures which will provide them with important lifelong priorities and values.

3. Exchange Of Ideas

Educational tours highlight a new style of learning: group discussion inspired by their shared experiences. Such discussions allow students to listen to each other and pass on their ideas more freely, building a sense of confidence in sharing their own opinions as well as a willingness to learn from others. What’s more, tours to historic sites, museums and ancient landscapes mean students can interact with the tour guides and locals too by asking questions, which makes learning colourful and more real for them.

4. Introduces A Fun Way TO Learn

In a world of longer study hours and mounting homework, an educational tour can allow students to release some of the pressure that has built up throughout the term, allowing them to return to school ready to sit down and learn again. They will take with them wonderful fun memories which will be recalled whenever the study topic comes up in future, reinforcing a positive set of emotions about learning.

5. New Sights

One of the main reasons why teachers take students on educational tours is to offer them an opportunity to broaden their horizons in a way that they might not have access to at home. In 2019, educational tours are often much more affordable per child than a family holiday, with many families struggling to holiday overseas due to financial and time constraints. As such, educational tours put all students on an equal footing, regardless of their backgrounds.

6. Bonding Opportunities

Breaking away from the classroom gives students the chance to spend quality time together in a new environment. They may start to connect with their teachers, guardians and fellow students in a new way, building new social skills and eliminating some of the barriers that exist between students and staff when they return home.

If this sounds like a great learning opportunity for your class, please contact us today for guidance and advice on the best destinations for educational tours in 2019.