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As members of Learning Outside The Classroom and the School Travel Form we constantly strive to provide unique tours and experiences, often with exclusive access to institutions and companies.

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Our tours offer access to a range of businesses and institutions in many countries including here, in the UK, Germany, The Czech Republic and Jersey, where we provide exclusive access to Jersey's financial institutions and business communities. You can chose to experience:

  • Car factories
  • Stock Exchanges
  • The Federal Reserve in NYC
  • Q & A sessions with insiders
  • Guest speakers
  • LSE in London
  • The Royal Mint
  • Wall Street
  • A Welsh Mining Experience
  • The Digital World
  • Businesses such as Morgan Cars or Ducati in Bologna
  • A Cheese Farm

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We are committed to offering original tours which showcase the best of DT in different countries including here in the UK, Japan, Italy and Germany. We even offer a Fashion Tour in Paris. Chose from our destinations and experiences, which include:

  • Q & A sessions with insiders including the Morgan Car Factory
  • Car factories in Germany including Mercedes, Audi & Porsche
  • Canon & Nintendo in Japan
  • Murano Glass and Gondola Shipyard in Italy
  • Fashion in Paris

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For drama, spectacle and a stunning display of landscape and geology, go to Iceland. Not only will you experience, glaciers, amazing waterfalls, hot springs, mountains and volcanoes, you might see the Northern Lights (whilst ice trekking).

If you like your geography and geology in gloss, Sorrento and the Amalfi Coast provide the perfect solution. Take a boat to Capri too.

But Blighty also offers a superb trip with the Jurassic Coast, being based in Dorchester or Bath.

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With such a rich history, Europe offers value for money. Combine France, Belgium and Holland, for example, if WWII is your area. Jersey is also ideal for WWII with its War Tunnels, Nazi HQ and fortifications. We also offer Germany and Poland.

For a more ambitious trip, you might consider China to discover more about its own brand of communism, Taoism, Confucius, The Forbidden City and the Nanjing Massacre of 1937.

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Our suggestion for a Music & Drama Tour is Jersey.

We work closely with Chateau Vermont, which has rehearsal rooms and classrooms. The building has been repurposed to provide the perfect setting for learning, rehearsal and performance. It has its own grounds and theatre.

In addition, because Sweet Chariot has worked so closely with Visit Jersey for many years, touring groups have the opportunity to perform at unique venues, indoors and outdoors, such as ancient castles and the Durrell Conservation Trust.

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Once-In-A-Lifetime Educational Tours

Taking learning outside of the classroom can offer a huge number of benefits. Real-world learning can help to reinforce lessons learnt in the classroom while helping to tackle social mobility and allowing students to achieve their true potential. When taking the students on educational tours and out of the classroom, you can also help to equip these young people with brand new skills aimed at helping them achieve, while addressing educational inequality and even raising attainment back on school grounds.

At Sweet Chariot, we believe that learning should coincide with fun and new experiences, which is why our study tours offer educational experiences which will last a lifetime in the memories of your students. Our educational tours are designed to help meet your classroom’s learning objectives in some of the most immersive environments and unique ways. Truly experiencing culture and language in their country of origin is an experience many do not get the opportunity to enjoy, even when they go on holiday to the chosen country and so we strip away the tourist atmosphere to provide study tours which are truly bespoke, seeing your students immerse themselves in the heart of their destination amongst the locals.

Tour some of the world’s leading manufacturing factories, visit the Hadron Collider, join the buzz of Wall Street, head underground to the Wieliczka Salt Mine or watch the dance of the Northern Lights on Iceland’s black sand beaches, all as part of our bespoke educational tours. With more than 20 years’ experience in tailor-made travel, our school trip experts can help to ensure that you and your students have an unforgettable experience every time. Our study tours can inspire students and offer them a brand-new perspective on the world. Experiential travel offers breathtaking scenes and immersive cultural experiences while keeping learning as a number one priority.

With safety as the main priority and dedicated support to help you along your trip every step of the way, there’s no better choice than to book your educational tours with Sweet Chariot. To book study tours to one of the incredible destinations listed on this page, or if you have a specific location in mind, contact us today.

Please take a look at some of our school trip and educational tour options below and contact us if you already have a subject and destination in mind.