Golden burgers, rotating skyscrapers and passports for falcons

Posted on March 01, 2017

Golden Brown

Dubai is rarely outdone when it comes to extravagance and Food truck trader, The Roadery who are based in the city have come up with possibly the most luxurious burger on the planet. Not only does the burger come in an edible 24-carat gold leaf bun, it also has five beef patties, truffled cheese, seared foie gras, saffron mayonnaise and blackberry ketchup! Named the Burg – Khalifa after Dubai’s iconic skyscraper and world’s tallest building, the Burger will be sold at the Eat The World DXB event and will cost £50.58.

The burger follows a trend of luxury food in Dubai as over the past couple of years at various venues across the city customers have been offered gold dusted cupcakes, a truffle sandwich and caviar pizza.

Building with a twist

If burgers aren’t your thing, then how about a building that will make your head spin, literally. Plans are underway to build another huge skyscraper in Dubai but this one has something a little bit different about it.

The building will constantly rotate, twisting to reveal 360 degree views of the city and beyond. Plans for the project have stalled since its initial proposal back in 2008 but are now back on track and the skyscraper could be completed by 2020.

Apartments in the building would be the first to offer views that changed minute by minute, with residents able to change the speed at which their home moves. A lift that remains stationary in the middle of the building will provide access to the apartments. Built into this incredible architectural design will be wind turbines between each floor that make the building self sufficient by generating its own power.

“Buildings should adapt to our space, our functionalities and our needs that change continuously – and even to our sense of beauty, itself in continuous motion”.

Architect – David Fisher

If you thought the golden burger was a bit pricey, the cost of living in on of these incredible apartments could range from $4 to $40 million.

Flying in style

We’ve all been there, on a hot stuffy plane, next to a crying baby with 80 falcons all complaining about the lack of choice on the in flight entertainment system…

That was the case for a passenger when he was travelling to Jeddah in the UAE recently. A Saudi Prince had bought his 80 birds seats on the flight.

In Dubai and many other places in the Middle East, falcons are cultural status symbols and airlines like Qatar and Emirates are happy to accommodate the birds who each have their own passports! This was introduced so that the birds could be moved across international borders and intended to stop the smuggling of the animal.

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