Top 5 Destinations For Educational Tours In The UK

Posted on April 29, 2019

Choosing the right destination for your educational tour comes with the utmost importance and there are many factors that must be taken into consideration, which can take a lot of time. When selecting a location, you must think about the logistics of getting there with the number of students you are taking, as well as thinking about the price range. What’s more, the destination must engage your students, and be relevant to the curriculum you are teaching. With our list below, finding a destination for an educational tour in the UK has never been easier.

1. Cornwall

Educational tours in the UK are a great opportunity for students to understand their own country, so what better destination to take them than Cornwall. With plenty to do and see here, you can create an exciting and engaging itinerary for the children, which will cover a range of subjects; geography, science and history to name a few. History lessons may not engage every student in the classroom, but Cornwall has its history carved into the landscape, so the students can learn about the past of the county without even realising it. Additionally, take a trip to the National Maritime Museum, where students can enjoy a hands-on experience with the artifacts. If you want the students to indulge in even more history, the Tintagel Castle is worth a visit, as it was where King Arthur once lived.

2. Stratford Upon Avon

Once home to the popular William Shakespeare, you can combine English, Drama and History into an educational tour to Stratford Upon Avon. Your students can see for themselves where William Shakespeare was born and where he was laid to rest peacefully, as well as discovering what his younger years were like. This will increase their appreciation for the playwright and give them more in-depth knowledge of their studies. Additionally, you can take your students to Shottery, where they can see Anne Hathaway’s cottage.

If you do choose Stratford Upon Avon as the destination for your educational tour, be sure to watch either a comedy, historical or tragedy at the Royal Shakespeare and Swan Theatres for a true experience and representation of the magnificent playwright.

3. London

This list wouldn’t be complete without having London placed firmly on it. With a vast array of museums at affordable prices and galleries that will inspire children to let their creative minds flow, every educational tour to this destination is always jam-packed full of intriguing facts and fun activities.

What’s more, there are many tours that you can partake in to find out more about the historical city and its past. If the Royal family are on your curriculum, a visit to see the Crown Jewels will give leave them in awe. Or, if you want to expand their knowledge on theatrical performances to help them bring their dramatic arts to life more, watch one of the many plays or musicals that are always being performed.

4. Bath

Home to the well-known and successful university, Bath is an ideal location for educational tours in the UK. With Bristol situated not far from Bath, you can extend the tour to an overnight stay to enjoy both destinations. These two West Country spots offer a combination of ancient history, contemporary sophistication and science, which will excite and most importantly, educate your students.

With plenty of Georgian architecture, such as the Roman Baths, which are the only hot springs in England and the Royal Crescent, there will be many opportunities for students to take pictures, as well as absorb the beauty of the history.

5. Salisbury

Some students may have driven past Stonehenge with their parents, but many won’t have had the chance to get closer to the monument and learn more about it. The history of Stonehenge is intriguing and incorporates different periods of history.

After being taken back by Stonehenge, take a trip into Salisbury to look around the Salisbury Museum, a Grade 1 listed building. Opposite Salisbury Cathedral, you can view costume, fine art and ceramics at the King’s House.

Hopefully, these top 5 destinations for educational tours in the UK will inspire you to choose a location that will educate and create additional excitement to the learning of your students. For more information on planning an educational tour, don’t hesitate to get in touch with our team and we can help to organise an educational tour in the UK.