Whether it’s Hogarth or Hockney, Eyck or Emin, Europe has a gallery for you. European art is so rich and varied and there are so many attractions you could tour for a year and leave wanting more. In the tabs below, we suggest only the tip of the iceburg by visiting England, France & Italy and we identify the minimum stay required to take in those countries. You may want to add Spain or Holland, of course, with such fine attractions as the Van Gogh Museum, the Rijks Museum, El Prado and so on and we will be delighted to tailor the tour to suit your group’s preferences.
  • Lacrosse


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Suggested Itinerary

In the Highlights tab, we set out a few key art attractions and here are the places to visit to see them. It is such a rich world, however, that you may well wish to switch destinations or extend your tour. Please contact us with your preferences and we will work with you to produce the itinerary you require.
  • 11 nights
  • London
  • Paris
  • Florence
  • Rome
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  • National Gallery London
  • TATE London
  • Musee D’Orsay
  • Louvre
  • Pompidou Centre
  • Galleria Accademia
  • Vatican Museums
  • Colosseum & Roman Forum
  • National Gallery Rome
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