You can visit any country and discover fascinating history but we’ve given you some structure if you’re visiting for the first time. If you’re coming to Europe, the first cities that come to mind for long and interesting histories are London, Paris and Rome. To that we suggest Normandy for its 2nd World War beaches, as well as Amsterdam & Bruges for their beauty, history, cultural interest and change of scale. This will give you a snapshot of a tiny section of European history and architecture. You’ll just have to come back to enjoy more and more.

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Suggested Itinerary

We are very happy to expand or contract your programme but this length of tour will give you a taste of what Europe has to offer.
  • 12 nights
  • Paris
  • Normandy
  • London
  • Bruges
  • Amsterdam
  • Rome
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There are endless attractions to add, but here are a few of the excursions we’d be delighted to organise for you.
  • Louvre
  • Versailles
  • 2nd World War Normandy Beaches and Monuments
  • Atlantic Wall Museum
  • Fort Napoleon
  • Imperial War Museum in London
  • Westminster
  • Tower of London
  • t’Apostelientje
  • Anne Frank’s House
  • Rijks Museum
  • Colosseum
  • Vatican Museums
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