School Triathlon Tours

School Triathlon Tours

A school triathlon tour gives groups a chance to experience the three disciplines of triathlon in new parts of the world, whilst developing their ability to ride, run and swim.

With Barnaby Gray heading up the Sweet Chariot team, you are in the hands of a GB athlete, England coach, race organiser and official, as well as Triathlon England Young Persons coordinator.

Triathlon is part of the Jersey Games (10 - 13 years old) but we also offer trips to other destinations and for other age groups.

We also run the Greece Triathlon Games which is a five day event in October for all age groups and offers coaching, training and competition plus a range of fantastic activities and excursions.

In partnership with Castle Triathlon Series we are now running the Chantilly Challenge Triathlon Camp which includes entry to the Chantilly Triathlon and an excursion to Disneyland Paris.

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As a full-time member of the Sweet Chariot team, Barnaby Gray runs triathlon camps and tours in Europe and further afield. Barney is a GB athlete, England coach, race organiser and official, as well as Triathlon England’s Young Persons coordinator.

Our aim is not to provide a race for the calendar but to nurture participants throughout their time abroad. Barney’s twenty two years’ experience as Director of Sport at schools (coupled with his Triathlon pedigree) helps develop confidence, the skills and enjoyment of each discipline.

Barney will appoint the whole team for each trip and ensure the safety of all those taking part.

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The Disciplines

Sweet Chariot Triathlon Camps provide a comprehensive look at all the essential elements of triathlon. This means coaching each of the individual disciplines but also the background to becoming really successful. Specifically, this means:


The fundamentals of triathlon swimming, the biomechanics of the stroke, drills, pool to open water and open water swimming


Bike handling skills, gear usage & maintenance, drills and techniques, whether static bikes or out on the roads, individual or group riding, hills, cadence, threshold and long rides


Basic running form, skills, drills & training methods including fartlek, intervals, tempo, hill reps, speed and long runs


T1: Swim to bike

T2: Bike to run


Aquathlon, duathlon & triathlon


Pre-race prep, warming up & cooling down. importance of good eating habits & hydration, illness & injuries, equipment, competition

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Jersey is a fantastic destination for a school triathlon tour and perfect for younger age groups. We also offer triathlon as part of the Jersey Games, giving even more children the chance to participate and enjoy an amazing week on the island.

Greece Triathlon Games

From October 2017 we are pleased to introduce the Greece Triathlon Games which is a week of training, coaching and competition for all ages. Click here for the full Greece Triathlon Games Itinerary.

Chantilly Challenge Training Camp

The Chantilly Challenge Camp is a week of triathlon competition and excursions, Click here for the full itinerary.

Croatia Training Camps

Our Croatia Training Camps are perfect for triathlon, swimming and athletics groups looking for incredible facilities and top class coaching.

Italy Training Camps

To speak to Barney, our triathlon tour expert, and find out what suits you best, please Contact Us.

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You will need a cycling helmet, wetsuit (long sleeve and full leg recommended for warmth & technical work) and swimming goggles.

In Jersey and Greece, Sweet Chariot will provide two options for cycling. You can either use a bike included in the resorts facilities, which we will tailor to the individual as far as possible, or you can bring your own bike.

If you chose to bring your own bike, Sweet Chariot will help you with the logistics but you will bear the cost yourself.

All other general tour requirements will be on a recommended clothing list.

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Age Groups

We tend to recommend Jersey for ‘under 15’ groups and below, all the way down to 9 years old. Jersey is easily reachable from many UK regional airports, is under an hour away, has great weather, facilities and excursions. It’s not all work.

Around 4 hours away, we recommend Greece for 15 years and above. Facilities are incredible and the country’s attractions are more suited to an older participant.

For both destinations, you can chose from your own camp, designed especially for your requirements, or a pre-organised event, with fixed dates and inclusions. The latter means everything is already taken care of, has other participants enjoying the same itinerary and has organised social events.

Please Contact Us to discuss whichever suits you best.

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